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Video Interview – Bezier Games at Spiel 2014

We had a chat with Ted Alspach from Bezier Games about their releases at Spiel this year. With Castles of Mad King Ludwig making the crowds very happy and One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak following close, it was only fair we asked him a few questions about the show, Spiel itself and the future.

Video Interview – Mine Nudd and Waggle Dance

Waggle Dance was successfully funded in Kickstarter a few months ago after a very good campaign. This game,the first commercially released game by Mike Nudd, who had this idea of creating a game all around bees making honey. Wild. Wild but good, because the game is actually very, very good and it’s turned up to…
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Video Interview Henri Kermarrec from Sit Down! Games about Sushi Dice

The guys at Sit Down! Games always have something going that attracts the crowds. This time it was Sushi Dice, a very simple family game that had people ringing the bell like mad! Created by French designer Henri Kermarrec, also creator of Wiraqocha and Boom Bokken, has gone into a game with gimmicks. A very…
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