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New releases from IGUK now available.

Boardgame Releases Yin Yang £12.09 Delivered! Singapore and Docks Formula D Expansion 3 £19.19 Delivered! Luna: Domain of the Moon Princess £43.09 Delivered! Doomgate Legion Expansion : Thunderstone £28.29 Delivered! RPG Releases       Wilderness (The) Dungeon Tiles Master Set : Dungeons & Dragons £14.99 Delivered! Shops Map Pack : GameMastery £9.79 Delivered! Inner…
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Review: Rel-Draxa

To the content: Rel-Draxa is a supplement about a city, and an interesting one at that. The city is presented as having a turbulent, troubled past that lend themselves towards intrigue and could be described as a “Dark trade-hub built on ancient ruins with a swashbuckler-gone-paladin-mariner-queen and several unique and flavorful bits and pieces that serve to make the city unique, e.g. that ‘Sair, abbreviated from corsair, is an honorific in the city.

Horror at Dagger Rock

This pdf by Sagaworks Studios contains 74 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page back cover, 1 page OGL, 1 page credits that leaves 70 pages of chock-full with adventure. The adventure features 6 adventure hooks and several maps for almost every location imaginable:

A Kiss of Death

A 500 years old mummy has been discovered in an old crypt in the mountains near the town. The mummy is the body of a 18 year old princess, once sacrificed to the gods in an attempt to save the civilization from destruction. The princess was sacrificed against her will, and had to be forced to death.

Unlawful permissions Adventure hook.

The adventure runs in any locality of any realm our adventurers happen to be. It would be handy if any of them had connections in the town or within the castle, as there will be clues they will able to gather from the staff and the villagers along the adventure. The adventurers should be quite strong and willing to investigate, otherwise they could fall into an invasion that they will never be able to control or eradicate.