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RPG review – World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour

By Paco Garcia Jaen World War II to this day mesmerises historians and non-historians. Its effects are still felt and we now look back and wonder how some of the atrocities could have possibly happened. I’m not sure any other war has received as much media coverage as WWII, with movies, games, books, more movies…
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RPG Review–Victoriana 3rd Edition

By Shorty Monster As I’ve mentioned once or twice, this last month has been pretty damned hectic for me, so a few things have sadly fallen by the wayside. I have just about managed to keep regular postings on this page, but almost everything else has been put to one side until I can give…
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The Smoke–Victoriana

This 186 pages book is Cubicle 7’s supplement for the Victoriana game describing London in 1867. This book is in its second edition, having been revised and greatly rewritten, by Andrew Peregrine, one of the original authors of Victoriana. And there is a lot written here!