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Star Trek: Expeditions

I don’t hate to be wrong, but I really hate to be wrong like this. I broke my own rules, which was stupid in and of itself, and I deserve the outrage that I will be receiving from people who I told were wrong. So, here goes: Reiner Knizia can make an Ameritrashy adventure game. There. I said it. I’m even prepared to say that as highly improbable as it is, the game he made is not only not atrophy your testicles from boredom, it in fact is brilliant fun. I still can’t believe it myself, but it’s true. Star Trek: Expeditions (ST:E) is a really, truly fun, thematic co-op adventure game that not only adheres to its theme, but does so well.

Mini Six: Bare Bones Edition

Today, I’m reviewing Mini Six: Bare Bones Edition, from AntiPaladin Games, written by Ray Nolan and Phil Morris. Mini Six is available both as a free pdf or in print for $8 (with free shipping in the U.S.).