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Video Unboxing Dr. Hrubec from Czech Board Games

I always wanted to be a doctor when I was growing up. The stains of blood on the scrubs as the doctors leave theatre with a razor sharp scalpel in their hands; the screams of people longing for healing and help; the pulling of rotting teeth from bleeding gums; setting bones and dislocated joints… So…
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Unboxing Vide – Dig Mars from Brain Games

By Paco Garcia Jaen Dig Mars was one of Michael Chamberlain’s finds at Spiel 2013. A Science Fiction boardgame in which the players mine for resources in Mars in order to build their commercial empire. Performing different actions that will award Fortune Points, players control their diggers and reveal tiles to explore the surface of…
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Unboxing video: Quantum by Funforge

By Paco Garcia Jaen I saw Quantum at Spiel 2013 and totally loved the looks of it. However I was busy and only had time to interview Philipe Nouhra, Funforge’s CEO and barely any time to take a proper look at the game. Philippe was very kind, though and gave me a copy of the…
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Review e-Raptor board game components and product range

Table space can be at a premium sometimes and some boards take *a lot* of space. And so do a lot of the meeples, tiles, cards, pawns, tokens… You get the drift. e-Raptor is a Polish company that is doing its best to put a solution to that sort of problems, and some of their…
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