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Boardgame Review – Hubbly Bubbly Brew

By Michael Chamberlain Hubbly Bubbly Brew, printed in 2013 by Quantuum Games and designed by Patrick Ruedisueli is a game for two to four witches and wizards (its own words) in which players are collecting ingredients to brew their own potions. This game has a play time of up to thirty minutes and is designed…
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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Splendor

Splendor is described as a fast and addictive game of chip-collecting and card development. An with good reason, it is very, very addictive, though not sure about the fast bit… people with paralysis analysis might find this one slowing them down a bit. However the game is totally awesome and fantastic even on a first…
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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room: Hollywood with Nikolay Pegasov

Hobby World is he biggest boardgame publishing company in Russia. Last year they went to Kickstarter with Septikon and succeeded (disgracefully I didn’t back it. Shame on me!) a game for two players that looks very much like a retro Space Invaders sort of game. Now they are back in Kickstarter with a different game.…
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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Lewis & Clarke

This podcast episode is a good one. Mainly because the game is a very, very good one. Seriously good. Lewis & Clark is the product of French designer Cedrick Chaboussit, who presented the game to Ludonaute and they didn’t waste a second in getting the game out there. With lovely artwork, terrific components and a…
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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room: Frankenstein’s Bodies with Andrew Harman

Frankenstein is one of the most lovable “monsters” of literature. The nature of its genesis, the helplessness, the unfairness of the time and situation… It’s a truly sad and tragic story. To say that movies, plays, paintings, sculptures and pretty much any art expression you can think of has been used to illustrate and otherwise…
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