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Bedrock Games releases Sertorius in PDF

Bedrock Games is happy to announce the PDF release of Sertorius, a fantasy RPG of powerful spell casters in an ancient world of city states and empires.  Webpage: http://www.bedrockgames.net/untitled1.html From the back:  BLOOD OF A GOD Fourteen hundred years ago, the ogre king killed his own god, Senga, with a sword carved from the spine…
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Chaos Trip Studios releases Slayers of the Great Serpent

Chaos Trip Studios is proud to announce the release of the first installment of our fantasy adventure series, Slayers of the Great Serpent. A Tale of Terrible Danger A Monster From Prehistoric Times An Impossible Quest “To the Ede of the Map” is the first installment of a classic fantasy adventure series called Slayers of…
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Bedrock Games publishes Arrows of Indra

We are pleased to announce that Arrows of Indra (an old school epic fantasy Indian RPG) is now available in PDF and will be released in print soon. From the back: Arrows of Indra is an RPG based on the original and most popular fantasy roleplaying rules; for old-school heroic fantasy adventure in a world…
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Bedrock Games releases Guide to Aegyptus

Visit Roman Egypt in 38 AD with famed geographer Pomponius Mela as your guide.  The Guide to Aegyptus is a supplement for use with the Servants of Gaius game.  Gamemasters and players will find its contents useful for any campaign set in this unique province.  Includes: A complete description of Aegyptus (history, cities, government, etc)…
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Avalon Games Company releases Servants of Gaius paper miniatures

Avalon Games Company has recently released a set of paper miniatures for Servants of Gaius, the Roman history based role playing. The PDF features a colourful collection of period characters and classical beasts. Containing 12 Roman figures and 11 monsters this packet has something for every campaign. It also offers creatures unique to the Servants…
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