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A Gamey Proposal!

One of our fans, Alan reached out to us, wanting us to design a personalized Ascension card that he can use as a “A Gamey Proposal” to his girlfriend, Crystol while they were playing the newest expansion.

Elder Sign App review

Let me say this loud and clear. I like Elder Sign. I have played that game a lot of times, both alone and with friends and I like the simple mechanics, the chance of dice, the artwork, the limited cooperation between players… I like the game a lot. Thus when I heard the app was out, I took my shiny iPad and bought it right away.

Spiel 2012 day one summary

The fist day of Spiel is over and it couldn’t have lived more up to our expectations. Even though the start of the day was a bit chaotic, once we were inside the halls, it was overwhelming. The sheer size of the exhibition is truly staggering and the atmosphere is electric. Pretty much as soon…
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Gary Games releases Ascension Expansion

San Diego, Ca. – Gary Games, a top industry gaming company whose staff has over 30 years combined industry experience working with top brands, presents the first expansion edition for the highly-successful deck-building game, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer scheduled for an international release June 29, 2011. After selling more than 15,000 copies of the…
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Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

By Eric Newland “Good and evil, there is never one without the other.” – Merlin What do you get when you have a Fallen God, Monsters, machines, weapons and warriors. Ascension, baby! Here is my review. Components: This game is well put together. Let me do a run down. *The Game board – It’s a…
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