Richard Garfield’s Bunny Kingdom: Any good?

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Richard Garfield’s Bunny Kingdom: Any good?

Richard Garfield Bunny Kingdom

Richard Garfield’s Bunny Kingdom is the designer’s newest through Iello. What can we expect from this title?

Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering has managed to have success after success after success. King of Tokyo, King of New York, Netrunner and Android: Netrunner, Star Wars CCG and many, many others.

Having an area control/influence and card drafting game is probably something Richad Garfield should be able to do very well.

When I spoke with Robin Houpier from Iello, the game just grew in appeal for me.

The cute looks and very high production values – something one can come to expect from Iello – left me tantalisingly close to playing it but not able to, which means it is one of the games I have in my short list to get out as soon as I possibly can.

How does it play?

Being an area control game might make it sound like it will have nothing too exciting about it, but we are talking about Richard Garfield here… it has to have something else. In Bunny Kingdom you have to draft cards and, picking the right ones, position your bunnies and cities in the 100 squares on the board. However, you must secretly find the right rabbit allies and recruit the correct masters with the right skills to increase the value of the cities. The secrecy aspect to Garfield’s game is one of the things that I find so appealing.

Point scoring depends on how many contiguous warrens and cities you have and also what resources they have access to.

It sounds simple enough, but the secrecy aspect of the game makes it quite open in theory.

Robin was quite enthusiastic about the game and I reckon they could have something cool in their hands, but what do you think?

Check out the video and see what you make of it!

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