Raging Swan Press releases Village Backdrops: Apia

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Raging Swan Press releases Village Backdrops: Apia

Apia_front_220[1]This week, Raging Swan Press is proud to announce the release of Village Backdrop: Apia a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible GM’s RESOURCE by Ben Kent

Village Backdrop: Apia is backed by Raging Swan’s Money Back Guarantee

Village Backdrops are short, richly detailed supplements that each present a single village ready to insert into almost any home campaign. Perfect for use as a waystop on the road to adventure, as an adventure site themselves or as PC’s home, Village Backdrop present the details so the busy GM can focus on crafting exciting, compelling adventures.

Along the shores of the Illgen river hard against the ruins of a once-mighty castle lies the village of Apia. The village marks a convenient spot to cross the river, but more than that offers a pleasant place to slake a thirst or enjoy a sumptuous meal. The canny know to order Sanna’s golden mead during their stay at the Bee’s Knees Inn while others might notice a certain sweetness to the local food, or a strange hum in the air, but only a few note the higher than average number of bees buzzing about the village. Few bother to investigate the old and dilapidated castle anymore, after being cautioned by the locals that the structure is both already well-explored and dangerously unsafe – which is true, but avoids mentioning that the old ruins are not entirely abandoned…

This product is a Dual Format PDF. The downloadable ZIP file contains two versions, one optimised for printing and use on a normal computer and one optimised for use on a mobile device such as an iPad.

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And don’t forget, Village Backdrop: Apia is a Dual Format PDF and is included in Raging Swan’s Free PDFs promotion.


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