Print on Demand services is a fairly recent addition to the publishing paradigm that goes wonderfully hand in hand with self-publishing. And it can only get better.

Since it was introduced by DriveThruRPG a few years ago, the number of Print on Demand titles has increased quite a lot. And it is perfectly understandable. A service that is reasonably priced (although a lot higher than traditional printing) and it has a quick enough delivery (depending were you live, of course).

The thing is, though, it is not as easy as it sounds when you first look at it, and it sure as hell has issues, specially if you are inexperienced with the printing process. There is a pretty steep learning curve to go through and that learning curve will imply a few print tests.

It will also mean you have to lay your books to specific sizes to make sure there are no bleeding issues or resizing. Not to mention that you must use high quality graphics of pixilation and blurring will settle in.

All nasty things.

But then, once you have gone through all that, the advantages are massive. Firstly, you don’t have release an upfront payment of a ton of money for the printing of some books that may take years to sell.

Then you won’t have to store those books anywhere, thus saving a lot of money and space in storage units.

And, lastly, you won’t have to pack and send anything. The printer does it for you. Which is pretty amazing!

But… oh wait… you will also be limited to the quality of the printing the publisher provides. So if the printing is medium quality, then you can only get that. If you want higher quality printing… prepare to pay for it.

Anyway… we talk about all of this in this episode.


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