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#Chaosium's Lynne Hardy: Realism vs Verisimilitude in #Roleplaying #Games

Chaosium's Lynne Hardy: Realism vs Verisimilitude in Roleplaying Games

Chaosium’s line Editor Dr. Lynne Hardy is a true expert on the matter of finding gaps and holes in stories and #RPGs, and thus, she knows a lot about our topic: Reality vs. Verisimilitude. Whether it is a Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction or any other genre, we deal with things in-game that are totally impossible…
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The Hero’s Journey – The RPG Interview Room

The Hero’s Journey has been a love of mine for a long time. It is a tried and tested formula that renders good results. But do people use it to maximum effect? Once you know the Hero’s Journey, it is fairly easy to identify when it’s being used. The Marvel films, and pretty much any…
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relationships in RPGs - The RPG Interview Room

Relationships in RPGs – The RPG Interview Room podcast

Relationships are a pretty integral part of RPGs. It is very hard to have a party without relationships because, one way or another, they have to relate to one another, romantically or otherwise. In the last few weeks we have been chatting a lot in Facebook about relationships in games with a lot of people…
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Blades and Blasters combines Sci-Fi and Fantasy for 5E

Blades and Blasters. Interview with Seth Tomlinson

Blades and Blasters is a book created by Seth Tomlinson that funded in Kickstarter in 2018 and in 2019 has seen the light. It mixes science fiction and fantasy. But does it do it well? In Blades and Blasters you can find all you need to add alien invasions to your games. That is what…
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Kings of War Kickstarter: The RPG Interview Room

Kings of War Kickstarter: The RPG Interview room

Kings of War Kickstarter project is raging now and should be funded by the time you hear this podcast. ¿Should you back it too? Mantic’s universe translated into this Kings of War roleplaying game is good news for everyone. The skirmish boardgames that w have enjoyed for years, have gathered a plethora of lore that…
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