video_gamesIt seems amazing to me that, despite TTRPGs and videogames having similar ages, videogames have evolved a lot more rapidly, and have become more popular than TTRPGs.

Although TTRPGs have enjoyed a great deal of popularity, and they are on the rise again (thank goodness!), though it is hard to see they are evolving at the same pace as videogames. Perhaps because videogames have the pace of technology on their side.

So, knowing that videogames are advancing rapidly, what could we learn from them that can be applied to the world of TTRPS?

From the initial tutorials that teach us how to play the game and all the rules in no time, to the marketing strategies or the visuals and narratives, there are lessons we should consider in the world of RPGs.

Rob and I talk about them and how they could be implemented by companies to get TTRPGs to more people, faster.

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