Firefly_the_gameBy Paco Garcia Jaen, Michael Chamberlain and Max Murray

Firefly, a boardgame with the simple motto Find a Crew, Find a Job. Keep Flying. Can it do justice to the series that inspired it?

Firefly is a very much loved Science Fiction series. It surprised everyone when it turned out to be very, very decent, and it has a legion of loyal followers – and rightly so! – who are claiming and longing to see more of the series. So it was kind of expected that, at some point, a board game would be released.

I think by now we can start relaxing a bit when we see a licensed game. There are lots of very good games out there that have been licensed. Firefly happens to be one of them!

Produced by Gale Force Nine, the game tries to re-create the flavour and atmosphere of the series with a well looked after and detailed art direction, plenty of photos and plenty of game. There are lots and lots of parts to this game indeed!

But does it play well?

We learned the rules, sat down and recorded our impressions after playing the game for the first time. Hopefully will help you decide you want this game!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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