frankensteins_bodiesFrankenstein is one of the most lovable “monsters” of literature. The nature of its genesis, the helplessness, the unfairness of the time and situation… It’s a truly sad and tragic story.

To say that movies, plays, paintings, sculptures and pretty much any art expression you can think of has been used to illustrate and otherwise express what this novel conveys. And that includes games.

Latest is Frankenstein’s Bodies, a work by writer and gamer Andrew Harman based on the rather excellent roleplaying game by Iain Lowson, Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein.

In this game, you take the role of a promising young doctor and scientist who’s following on the steps of Dr Frankenstein and has to put a body together in order to create the most perfect body you can with the parts available and compete for the Dr’s affections.

With a quick and fun gameplay, this game fits the mould very well and now it’s in Kickstarter to raise funds to get a proper production.

Here’s my interview with designer and artist Andrew Harman and tons of stories about Frankenstein’s Bodies.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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