Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Stinky Graphics

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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Stinky Graphics

Stinky GraphicsWhy do we see so many RPGs with bad Stinky Graphics?

Graphic Design is a massive part of any visual product, in fact is totally paramount. With bad Graphic Design and stinky graphics, the product will never be good, no matter how many qualities it has.

In this impromptu podcast, Jim and I talk about this precise topic and we try to figure out why there are so many bad products out there.

This podcast was recorded at 2am in Spain and I was a bit on the tired side, so it seems I ramble a bit. But don’t worry.. it is on topic rambling and I can ramble rather well, so it won’t be too boring. I promise!

Hope you enjoy the show and let us know what you think.

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