Podcast Episode The RPG Room: Glut in the RPG industry

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Podcast Episode The RPG Room: Glut in the RPG industry

glutAt G*M*S Central we believe that there are too many products being sold as PDFs at the moment and that is contributing to a languishing industry with too many companies that can’t stand on their own two money feet because there aren’t enough people buying all games and supplements.

We know it is not an opinion shared by all, and we do believe everyone should have the right to publish whatever they want, but it is our opinion.

If to the amount of published material we add a website that is the central point of purchase for said games is a site with the potential to shape the way we buy and what we buy, and that there doesn’t seem to be a quality control point to start listing products on that site, we might see why we have a lot of problems in the RPG industry.

But of course, those opinions have to be substantiated and the best way to do it is to talk to the person responsible for that site… we are talking about Drivethrurpg.com and the man in question is Steve Wieck, who is, according to Jim, one of the nicest guys in the industry.

Well… let’s find out if he is right and if the amount of material on their site is actually hurting the RPG business.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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