The 70s and 80s saw a lot of slasher horror films. From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the more surreal and loved Nightmare in Elm Street or the legendary Evil Dead.

Although I (Paco) must admit it is not my favourite genre nowadays, I used to love slasher horror when I was a lot younger. From the perfectly well-known Friday 13th that brought the fear of Friday 13th to Spain (before that we didn’t even think about the 13th of the month being on a Friday…. It is the Tuesday 13th that does it for us) to the slightly more obscure film by Dario Argento. But somehow, I went off the gore and the blood and now only seldom watch them.

Still, I do like my blood and gore in some games and slasher horror movies have a lot to teach us about the use of blood and violence, villains, environments…

In this episode Rob Adams and I talk about how to take some of those elements and translate them into your game.

We think it was a good conversation!

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