It is time that we had a talk about history and the presence of LGBTQI+ people in it. Because we don’t see ourselves often enough and people use that as an excuse to exclude us from their games.

That is not cool at all, my friends. When we talk about history and how people were persecuted, killed, burnt at the stake and many other things that today would not be considered politically correct, we tend to stop there.

“Hey” – I hear a lot – “In the middle ages gay people had it very hard and would be killed right away”, or “There were no gay Vikings!” or… well… you get the drift.

Well, we were there, I can assure you. And if you know where to look, you will find a lot of us there. Depicted in art, described in politics… we went through life, with our struggles and our triumphs just like we do now.

Of course we had it a bit harder then, but then so did everyone. And we survived. We managed to move on and live on. So why not talk about that instead?

Why not letting your players play that sort of character and help them overcome challenges, build strength in your team?

Because I reckon that that is a much better take on history than just using the contrived “there were no gays in the middle ages trope”.