Kings of War: RPG Review

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Kings of War: RPG Review

kings of war review

Kings of War is a game from Red Scar that sets us to play in the world created by Mantic Games. I took a look at the quick start rules. ¿Was it worth it?

When I read Kings of War I was very pleasantly surprised by its quality and the system it uses to provide a cinematic and dramatic experience. The universe makes sense and the layout and art production is very good.

Being a quick start rules book, there are a lot of gaps that the full book will fill up and those are missed as you read the document. Character creation, a list of powers and spells are missing, among other things.

However, what it does do well is give us an insight into what the world and the game are like. This book has all it needs to make sure the initial adventure (also included in the quick rules) can be enjoyed in a couple of hours.

Kings of War uses the Tricore system or rules, which is based on a dice pool consisting of 3 to 6d10 that will give us a number of successes if they beat a number between 1 and 6 that the GM will set to indicate the difficulty of the task at hand.

10s are explosive, so you reroll any die that scores a 10 and add the resulting successes (if any) to the roll. However, rolling a 1 or a 6 gives you Payback points. Those are different.

A payback point will allow you to buy certain powers and abilities for your weapons, objects, etc. They allow to use features that otherwise would be unattainable, but will also give you an obstacle, a little bit of a problem that will add drama and tension to your scenes. I liked that addition a lot.

I could tell you a great deal more about this quickstart, but it’s all in the video for your perusal. You can also download the guide from here.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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