Kings of War Kickstarter: The RPG Interview room

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Kings of War Kickstarter: The RPG Interview room

Kings of War Kickstarter: The RPG Interview Room

Kings of War Kickstarter project is raging now and should be funded by the time you hear this podcast. ¿Should you back it too?

Mantic’s universe translated into this Kings of War roleplaying game is good news for everyone. The skirmish boardgames that w have enjoyed for years, have gathered a plethora of lore that is being converted into a cinematic and dramatic adventure role playing game thanks to the talent of Marc Langworthy.

I managed to read and review the quick start rules – you can see that review here – and I have to say that the Tricore system works really well. Flexible enough to cater to your tastes, but simple enough to be easy to get to grips with.

In this interview I go in a bit deeper with its author, Ennie winner Marc Langworthy and what the quick start rules misses. Aspects like character creation, magic, powers and advanced features of the rules system.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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