Get Ready to Win!

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Get Ready to Win!

amazon_uk_sizedWould you like $20 in Amazon gift cards?

If you are a subscriber to G*M*S Magazine and comment on our articles and reviews, you could very well be up for a treat!

From now on, every first day of every month, we will be randomly choosing one person from all our subscribers to get this gift certificate.

All comments will be taken into account, so the more you comment, the more chances you’ll have to win!

What’s the catch?

amazon_com_sizedNo catch, though there are a few terms and conditions. Don’t worry, nothing heavy!

  1. In order to win you must be a subscriber to the magazine. We will not bombard you with spam emails or stupid offers that will only drive you mental, so don’t worry. If we ever have a newsletter, the subscription will be different, so this won’t affect you.
  2. Your comments must be meaningful and acceptable. A one word comment or rude language will not count and your comment won’t be approved anyway.
  3. We need to have a valid email address. The gift certificate is valid for anyone and anywhere in the planet, so it will be delivered via email. A bogus email address will not allow you to win.

And that’s it!

Get that keyboard going and get commenting!


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