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Letters from Innsmouth – It’s broken

By Paco Garcia Jaen Blip… Blip… Blip… He heard the machine blipping, counting the beatings of his heart and wondering how much longer he would have to listen to the intermittent sensory assault that was keeping him awake. He had got used to the smell by now. He’d been there long enough to numb the…
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Short story – Car Boot Sale

By Paco Garcia Jaen The morning assaulted me with genuine subtlety. My eyes were itchy when I opened them and told me I hadn’t slept enough. They wanted to go back to sleep and started a fight with my brain. It’s horrible when that happens, there are no winners, my eyes feel sleepy for the…
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The G*M*S Magazine writing competition – Timelike

By Sarah Anderson The destruction of Earth took us all by surprise. In our telescopes we saw the lines of multicolored light that tore through the Earth, slicing it to pieces—and by the time we did, we knew we were already twenty minutes too late. There were only a few hundred of us at the…
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G*M*S Magazine Writing competition submission by Porrick Rasdole

By Porrick Rasdole I’m in front of a door. It’s dripping with green ichor running from deep veins of engraved masonry. It’s growing each step I take towards it. It takes deep breaths and exhales a sickly mist from vents along its top. My legs trembled and I fall to my knees. My arm is…
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Minerva–a story for our Writing Competition

By Ishi Shen To lovers of history, the hidden and the arcane, I give you the story of Minerva, recorded for posterity. I was born on the human constructed planet called Minerva. Nowadays astro-construction seems just ordinary, but Minerva was the first of its kind. My parents signed up to the all-American adverts, the promise…
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