Conjure Trading Card Game goes Kickstarter!

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Conjure Trading Card Game goes Kickstarter!

image31/01/2014 Melbourne, AU— Conjure Trading Card game is a brand new trading card experience that’s guaranteed to excite existing gamers in the TCG industry. Conjure TCG is a live Kickstarter project but the game is already seeing success in game stores across Australia.

The game has been taken to eight of the top trading card game stores in Australia and all eight are excited to stock the Conjure TCG. Overseas attention is also revving up, particularly in the UK and America, so to meet the demand; the game will be supplied internationally.

Conjure TCG has been in development for more than three years, it is fresh and innovative in a very established industry. Since Conjure has already been taken to the market and has seen fantastic results in terms of market acceptance. Fans of the game have even created their own demo videos, showing their enthusiasm.

The game is based around conjuring spirits to the field to move across a board to battle your opponent. The ultimate goal is to reduce your opponent’s health points to zero or occupy one of their Conjure Squares for two consecutive turns. Conjure has three different level rulebooks, so you can customize your group’s gameplay experience. This TCG is easy for anyone to pick up and be able to fully participate in gameplay within five minutes. Conjure features fantastic artwork, a five-tier, unrestricted evolution system, ten different types of spirits and spell/counter cards to affect game play.

For more information about The Conjure Trading Card Game, please visit Nathan Hawkins’ Kickstarter page at or their website