Board game video unboxing: Krosmaster Arena

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Board game video unboxing: Krosmaster Arena

Dofus_Krosmaster_ArenaBy Paco Garcia Jaen

If you know *anything* about me, you should know that I absolutely adore minis. Can’t help it. Stick a few good looking minis in a board game and you’ll have me salivating – sometimes drooling – at the thought. Unless the minis are crap, of course.

Krosmaster Arena’s minis are not crap. I knew this when I first saw the board game two years ago at Spiel and had a word with the guys from Ankama.

In fact the minis are gorgeous.

Two years I had to wait (well, nearly) for this game to get into Kickstarter production and when it did, I looked behind every sofa in my home (two) to get every single penny I could find so I could buy this board game. And I backed it.

And now I’ve got it. And the box looks… well… to call it gorgeous would be to do it a disservice because is much better than gorgeous.

However, how about the rest? Are the contents of this box worth the money I paid to get my hands on it?

Let’s take a look!

Probably the cutest game ever!

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