Adventure creation is quite a task that can go from something as simple as applying a formula to get an encounter, to something as complex as creating a full campaign arch.

And yet, sometimes we forget during that adventure  creation process that adventures are meant to be played by a homogenous group of gamers who will interpret, see, play an enjoy things differently than us.

So that adventure we are creating stops being ours to belonging to the players and DMs. And that is a very tricky issue, because we also now need to consider the dynamics between gamers and GMs as well as the approach of the people around the table towards adventuring.

It is easy to find groups of people who don’t want to fight everything. Depends on the game itself, it is easier to find groups of people who just want to fight.

Depending on the adventure and the game you are creating it for, fighting might not be the first choice for it being too deadly. But adding it, perhaps even forcing it, could serve as part of the adventure development for the players and how they feel about the rest of the campaign.

And yet, how do you consider all these things at the moment of designing your adventures?

What considerations must you keep in mind when the creative juices are flowing, and the adventure is being written down, or jotted down, or mapped out?

In this episode Rob and I explore some of the basic elements of the flexible approach to adventure creation and design and how to tick some boxes that will help you think about your target audience, the layers among that audience and the level of experience those adventurers will have, both in real and fictional lives.

What sort of approach when you design your own adventures do you use?

Let us know!

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