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Huge miniatures display

Miniatures in RPGs – The RPG Room Podcast

Miniatures have been used before the time came when slaying dragons was common on the table. But people use them in many different ways and for different reasons. Having miniatures at the table can fit many purposes and many people use them for as many reasons. Since there are, literally, hundreds of companies that produce…
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Ok, this is not a funny horror movie, but you get the idea.

The RPG Room: Funny horror movies

Funny horror movies… You know, there are a lot of very funny horror movies out there. Seriously (pun intended) and some films that weren’t intended to be funny become funny in time. Because what was horrible 30 years ago it can now be common. And yet we should not ignore the horrific elements of those…
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The RPG Room: Horror from the 50s and 60s in your game

The 1950s and 1960s saw a ton of horror movies that featured monsters of sorts. Partly because of the social and political climate, partly because of the standardization of colour and advances in technology, movies could create more spectacular special effects that, in some cases, have aged really, really well. War of the Worlds and…
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