Mountains of Madness is a cooperative game for two to five people published by Iello at Spiel 2017.

Lovecraft will have a grip on our geeky hearts for the foreseeable future, it seems, because games based on his literature tend to do very well. However most games have had a very dark and gritty atmosphere to them, whereas Mountains of Madness has decided to go for a much lighter tone and gameplay.

In Mountains of Madness, the players take on the role of explorers who find a mysterious mountain with an ancient city in it – just like in the Lovecraft’s novella (what a surprise, huh?) – and must travel all the way up in order to unravel its mysteries and then get out alive and sane.

Not an easy task.

Designed by Rob Daviau and illustrated by Miguel Cohimbra, Mountains of Madness has been lavishly illustrated and very highly produced. A huge and gorgeous board, very nicely done cards, tokens that are thick and well printed, an embossed die, professional poker chits, an amazing little airplane, a lovely sand timer… it is all there!

And yet this game has taken a bit of a turn in the way it approaches Lovecraft. It is not dark, although it is mental. It is not heavy, though it is not easy. It is quick, though it is very intense.

But it is very different.

Will it be to everyone’s taste? I think it is safe to say no.

Mountains of Madness is likely to polarise people, specially those who expect a more “serious” game than this one. Even though there is a very serious game here.

Hope you enjoy the review and components overview!

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