Exotic fantasy is a term that Google mistakes with “sexual fantasy”. Well, rest assured (or disappointed, who knows!) that we will not be covering that topic in this episode of the podcast.

For generations, fantasy has been fed by inspiration out of pretty European based settings that have been created on a very glamourised version of the Middle Ages.

Kings and Queens in castles. Knights in shiny armour. Elves of myth with powers beyond our comprehension and lifespans we would love for ourselves…

Trolls of legends and myriad creatures that belong in our folklore grace thousands of pages of bestiaries, novels, comic books, movies and TV series.

Architecture that comes out from times beyond medieval times and clothes that medieval tailors would have never been able to make… all of that is commonly accepted and we have, literally, hundreds of books that fit that description.

And, to be honest, I am a bit bored with it.

Don’t get me wrong, there is something to be said for games that feature good history and implement regional or country folklore well, but there are so many that just “invent” the same thing again and again that I feel there is an overdose.

And thus, here comes Exotic Fantasy.

Now, Exotic Fantasy is not fantasy that takes places in a place you think is exotic and then you just bang it all together and look at it and think “wow… that is soooooo exotic!”.

Nah… it doesn’t work like that.

Populate your world with cultures inspired in the Far East is not really something very exotic, even if you think it is.

However, take a world and give it a different, new identity. Take a paradigm of existing races and cultures and change it based on something that has happened to the world and you start getting something exotic. Different. New.


In this episode of the podcast, Rob Adams and I talk about those worlds that are so far beyond anything else that they have stood out and the test of time easily. And we miss them. Worlds like Athas in Dark Sun.

And more recently Khitus and Dragon Kings.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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