Dized is trying to become the definitive app to teach how to play boardgames and wants to offer the best possible experience for gamers of any game.

Although the app is still in development, it is true that the results look pretty impressive. At the booth in Spiel, it was interesting to see how most other companies had a number of people demoing games, whereas at the Dized booth games were demoing themselves.

A bunch of people were playing Kingdominoes without any one else’s help.

Now that… that was pretty neat!

During the successful IndieGogo campaign the company carried out a while ago – campaign in which they obtained over 100.000€ – the company revealed a subscription method by which the final user can purchase credits that will give them access to games.

The price was reasonable enough and the possibility to download the game linked to your account onto any device. With an Unity 3D engine behind the visuals, the support and longevity of the engine is pretty guaranteed. As well as making it fairly easy to develop for.

However, I had t ask a few questions about the potential and the different ways to use the tool for end users.

Promising as the tool is, can it actually deliver what it promises?

Let’s find out!

Hope you enjoy the interview!

Find the first interview with the Dized team here.


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