Dark Sun has been an iconic world since it saw daylight so many years ago. We tell you why it is probably the best exotic fantasy setting out there.

I can’t – or want to – help being in love with Dark Sun and we thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a whole episode to this amazing world.

Dark Sun was the first world of post-apocalyptic fantasy I ever saw. Its incredibly dangerous deserts and creatures immediately caught my eye thanks in no small measure to the art of Brom.

Being the first world to also include psionics was a massive boon for me. Magic that destroys vs. magic that creates was an incredibly interesting concept there and the idea of shades of grey was just spot on.

In this episode, Rob and I talk about the classes, the impact that the novels had on the world and how the characters were designed. And many more things.

And in the middle of the episode I had a lapsus. My mind just wandered away.

Sorry about that!

Hope you enjoy it!



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