Author: Paco G. Jaen

Critters Paper Miniatures Released

Precis Intermedia’s latest critters set in the ENnie Award-nominated Disposable Heroes(R) line of paper miniatures is now available… Critters 3: Familiars adds 30 common animals that are perfect as wizards’ familiars or mundane use. Available as either a Statix or Customizable Download.

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Castle Ravenloft Board Game

I should preface this review by stating that I’ve personally been really excited for Castle Ravenloft for some time now. With growing anticipation of its release, coupled with getting an actual chance to sit down and see the game early at GenCon this year only elevated my desire to delve deeper into what I believed would become a pseudo D&D experience wrapped inside a Boardgame exterior.

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Kobold Quarterly Magazine

Many magazines have tried in the past to make an impact in the gaming market for many many years. Most of them have perished either for lack of readership (though I doubt that very much) or lack of revenue (getting hotter!) or simply because the owner wanted to make sure they had complete control over the contents and wanted to go fully digital (no prizes for guessing here!).

That has left the market for those of us who like to read on paper as well as on screen very starved!

Enter Kobold Quarterly. And what an entrance it is!

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Wardens of the West now selling!

Support from Casterly Rock has arrived! The first expansion for Battles of Westeros is now on sale! Wardens of the West is now available at your friendly local game store and our webstore. Pick up yours today! Wardens of the West is a Lannister reinforcement set that introduces three new Lannister commanders – Tyrion Lannister, Sandor Clegane, and Daven Lannister – each with their own special abilities and leadership cards. Just like the commanders in the core set, these new commanders have specific strengths (and weaknesses). For example, Sandor “the Hound” Clegane uses the new fearsome keyword, refusing to let his enemies disengage and forcing them to retreat two hexes for each morale result rolled in combat. In addition to commanders, Wardens of the West also introduces three all-new unit types of Lannister affiliation. The House Brax pikemen specialize in formations, while the Clegane crossbowmen utilize the new aimed shot keyword. The Westerlands militia are easy to break and lack formal military training, but they make up for it in their vast numbers. Wardens of the West adds more than 30 new plastic miniatures and over 30 new cards. It also includes a Rules and Battle Plans book as well as more terrain overlays, banners, and tokens. Additionally, Wardens of the West also introduces new game mechanics, such as the new Gambit cards, formations, and the deadly catapults! Rally...

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Malifaux, Rising Powers

By pigi314159 Malifaux premiered at Gen Con 2009 and introduced the world to a new world, a new minis game, and generally a lot of character driven fun. At Gen Con 2010, the ambitious people at Wyrd released Malifaux – Rising Powers, the first expansion to the game. Overview Malifaux – Rising powers does not fundamentally change the game. Instead it adds more options, not necessarily better options, simply more. The biggest new things coming out of Rising Powers are new strategies and schemes, new masters, and new minions. The Good The Strength of New Stuff It goes without saying that everyone is most excited about the new models that are detailed in Rising Powers. However, the best thing about them is the lack of power creep. Thus far, I have played a couple of games versus the new guys using the old guys and had fantastic games. I looked at all of the minions in the new book, and basically said “Well, my standard list still does fine.” True, there are a couple of minions in there that seem like must haves for your old crews, but generally those lists were perceived as underpowered and the new help is a nice balancing addition as opposed to an insta-win. The Depth of New Stuff There are only a couple of units in there that duplicate abilities previously seen in...

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Campo de Mitos is a campaign setting for Cthulhu games based in real events and people from El Campo de Gribraltar.

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