Author: Paco G. Jaen

Vor Rukoth

Providing material that will empower the GMs and player’s imagination is probably the best way to keep a game alive and well. Creating products that enable people to create their own adventures, their own ideas is probably one of the best strategies for a game development. If you only give supplements but not a way to develop them in any way, eventually there will be an information overload, which is not ideal. Vor Rukoth does just that. It is the almost perfect base for countless adventures and the way it has been written enables the reader to build up from a very solid foundation. Vor Rukoth presents with the template for a massive city that once was rich and prosperous. Through wars and demonic pacts, Queen Najala opened a portal to the Abyss and countless demons and foul creatures came through, slaughtering the city inhabitants and causing chaos. By the time the portal was controlled (you’ll have to buy this supplement to know how!), the city had been decimated and left behind by the few survivors who managed to escape. The city is truly big. at least 4 miles long and 2 miles wide, it does have enough areas for your adventurers to be able to dwell in it for years to come. The city is watched from a tent city called Coyote’s Refuge, where your players will be able to plan their...

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Mage the Awakening: Chronicler’s Guide

Mages can do almost anything. Their capacity to create, transform, preserve and destroy is almost limited only by their imagination. What happens when that limiter is removed? What, ultimately, can a Mage chronicle be if it goes further and stranger than ever before? The answers lie...

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Clockwork and Chivalry : RuneQuest

The 17th Century is a time of religious strife and political upheaval. England, a land riddled with hunger, pestilence and superstition, is gripped by Civil War. Two great armies lay waste to the country, the Royalists aided by fearsome Alchemical magicks, the Roundheads by mighty Clockwork...

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Corporate Guide : Shadowrun

Corporate Guide offers details on all of the Big Ten megacorporations and briefings on some of the rising powers of the corp world. It also provides the basics every shadowrunner should know about how corporations work and what life is like for the drones trapped inside...

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Dogs of Hades : Savage Worlds

Garden of Athena is a planet of adventures among the ancient Greeks… but in the far future, with energy spears and Pulse shields. Experience science fiction with epic politics, and epic battles to make all the Greek poets proud. Dogs of Hades is a setting in the Suzerain...

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Children of Orion: The Venu Sourcebook

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