Author: Paco G. Jaen

Let’s talk about history, Dear Some Straight Gamer.

It is time that we had a talk about history and the presence of LGBTQI+ people in it. Because we don’t see ourselves often enough and people use that as an excuse to exclude us from their games. That is not cool at all, my friends. When we talk about history and how people were persecuted, killed, burnt at the stake and many other things that today would not be considered politically correct, we tend to stop there. “Hey” – I hear a lot – “In the middle ages gay people had it very hard and would be killed...

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Kings of War: RPG Review

Kings of War is a game from Red Scar that sets us to play in the world created by Mantic Games. I took a look at the quick start rules. ¿Was it worth it? When I read Kings of War I was very pleasantly surprised by its quality and the system it uses to provide a cinematic and dramatic experience. The universe makes sense and the layout and art production is very good. Being a quick start rules book, there are a lot of gaps that the full book will fill up and those are missed as you read...

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In medias res: The G*M*S RPG Academy

In Medias Res is a very well known and used term that can make a huge difference to how your games are received. But, what is the best way to use it? I tell you in this video. When we use In-medias-res in an adventure, we are doing something powerful because we are taking some of the agency away from the player. Instead of giving a choice to stay or flee at the start of a conflict or event, we are forcing them to stick around and deal with the situation as best they can. That sometimes can feel...

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Flowscape 1.5 review. Perfect illustration tool for your RPGs

Flowscape 1.5 is a landscape generation software that allows you to create amazing looking images with minimum effort and knowledge for an unbeatable price. I discovered Flowscape recently when it was still on its 1.2 version of the software. It could already do some absolutely amazing stuff and I bought it on sight when I watched the demo videos. At the time I paid 12$ that now have been reduced to 10$, which is even more amazing, because I would gladly pay 25$ or 30$ for this piece of software. It is THAT good. Flowscape is based on the...

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Let’s Play: Dungeons and Dragons Behind Bars: The RPG interview room

Let’s Play: Dungeons and Dragons Behind Bars is a documentary by filmmaker Elisabeth de Kleer that takes a look at the inside of some jails in the USA and the effect that playing D&D has on some of the inmates. It’s well know and spoken about how playing Dungeons & Dragons has many potential benefits on people. Playing behind bars can be the difference between someone having hope for a future and a chance to establish healthy relationships inside a system that has been designed for punishment and not rehabilitation. In Let’s Play: Dungeons & Dragons Behind Bars, the...

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Children of Orion: The Venu Sourcebook

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