Author: Paco G. Jaen

Consent in Gaming – Have we lost it?

Seems a lot of people have lost it when is about the Consent in Gaming book from Monte Cook Games. On every side of the argument. I stopped to listen to the detractors and this is what I found out. This video has been produced for Please help us by subscribing to the channel and liking/commenting on the videos. There have been many detractors to Consent in Gaming and some people have used better founded arguments than others. There have been knee-jerk reactions to the document without even looking at it. There have been some people who have...

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Consent in Gaming from Monte Cook Games RPG Review

Consent in #Gaming is a new free product from Monte Cook Games about the need to have consensual content and interaction in roleplaying games. This is my review. This video has been produced for Please help us by subscribing to the channel and liking/commenting on the videos. #MonteCookGames has a enormous history of writing fantastic #RPG content. Now, Sean K. Reynolds and Shanna Germain have produced a 13 pages #pdf guide about the topic of consent around the gaming table. As can be expected, it has created a fair amount of controversy, so I decided to take a...

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Illwinter Floorplan Generator Review

Illwinter Floorplan Generator is a very simple to use software available in Steam for just under 5$. It generates floor plans for caves, forests and other general encounter areas for RPG, but is it worth it? Watch the following video with my Illwinter Floorplan Generator review Illwinter Floorplan Generator aims to offer a very quick and simple to use set of tools for anyone and everyone to be able to generate caves and other terrain that can later be exported and printed for use in RPG adventures. The interface is extremely simple to use and everything had been designed...

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So what? Dear some straight gamer

“So what?” has been a question someone posted in a video comment recently. If there are no LGBTQI characters in a game setting, so what? Well… here is what. Asking a LGBTQI “so what?” is always going to elicit some mixed – likely really bad – feelings. You are asking us why should it matter if we are not there, and some people will take that worse than others. In this video I go a bit more in depth on the topic and explain what happened when my niece saw Princess Glimmer from the new She-Ra series. But the...

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Carnival Row RPG is a good sign!

Carnival Row RPG is out. The series doing its rounds in Amazon video to the delight of a lot of people who have told me it is a truly excellent show albeit a complicated one to watch. But what does this RPG mean for the hobby? The series written by Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim) has received a huge budget to be produced – by the looks of it… I have no idea what the numbers are – and it will have a second season, which means it’s working well enough. The thing is that there was no RPG announcement...

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Children of Orion: The Venu Sourcebook

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