Author: Paco G. Jaen

Mountains of Madness: Board game review

Mountains of Madness is a cooperative game for two to five people published by Iello at Spiel 2017. Lovecraft will have a grip on our geeky hearts for the foreseeable future, it seems, because games based on his literature tend to do very well. However most games have had a very dark and gritty atmosphere to them, whereas Mountains of Madness has decided to go for a much lighter tone and gameplay. In Mountains of Madness, the players take on the role of explorers who find a mysterious mountain with an ancient city in it – just like in...

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Dark Sun. The best exotic fantasy world? The RPG Room

Dark Sun has been an iconic world since it saw daylight so many years ago. We tell you why it is probably the best exotic fantasy setting out there. I can’t – or want to – help being in love with Dark Sun and we thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a whole episode to this amazing world. Dark Sun was the first world of post-apocalyptic fantasy I ever saw. Its incredibly dangerous deserts and creatures immediately caught my eye thanks in no small measure to the art of Brom. Being the first world to also...

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Dark Sun, Dragon Kings and Tim Brown. The RPG Interview Room

Tim Brown is the guy who made us very lucky in the early 90s by bringing Dark Sun. A setting that broke many moulds in the fantasy worlds of the time and dared do things very differently, it is very very much missed by all who knew it in its original form. Dragon Kings was born as a spiritual successor of this world when it was apparent that Tim would not be able to continue developing Dark Sun and, ever since I backed the project, I have believed it was a really fantastic work. Fantastic enough that I took...

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Exotic Fantasy – The RPG Room Podcast.

Exotic fantasy is a term that Google mistakes with “sexual fantasy”. Well, rest assured (or disappointed, who knows!) that we will not be covering that topic in this episode of the podcast. For generations, fantasy has been fed by inspiration out of pretty European based settings that have been created on a very glamourised version of the Middle Ages. Kings and Queens in castles. Knights in shiny armour. Elves of myth with powers beyond our comprehension and lifespans we would love for ourselves… Trolls of legends and myriad creatures that belong in our folklore grace thousands of pages of...

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Board game interview: Alien Artifacts at Spiel 2017

You won’t believe how enthusiastic Ignacy is about Alien Artifacts. And why! And you won’t believe how much I want to play this game now! You see, there is something about Ignacy Trzewiczek, and I don’t mean a surname that makes my dyslexic mind go into a frenzy whenever I have to type it – thank goodness for copy/paste! There are a number of things, actually. The fact he is very adventurous with the games he designs and publishes, or the fact that those games tend to be very good. Or the fact that he has a knack for...

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Children of Orion: The Venu Sourcebook

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