Author: Paco G. Jaen

Occult Philosophy with Schwalb Entertainment

Schwalb Entertainment has been producing some incredible content since Shadow of the Demon Lord. And keep coming up with more. Uncompromising, Swchalb Entertainment has released one of the most brutal and truly chaotic worlds with Shadow of the Demon Lord and the complete line of work by Robert Schwalb is just pure madness and genius. This should come as no surprise to anyone, Robert is as talented as he is original and the tremendous amount of work he has produced in the last few years, that is, since he started a while ago, is some of the best quality...

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Children of the Fall with Gareth H. Graham

Children of the Fall is a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game from the very indie game design scene in South Africa by Gareth H. Graham. In Children of the Fall, the players play as the survivors of an apocalypse that has turned all the adults on the planet into evil, bloodthirsty savages known as The Fallen. The group will explore the world and the story that takes place as the players take turns to describe events and challenges.  Product of the mind of author Gareth H. Graham, this game brings a couple of interesting things. Firstly the fact that the characters...

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Chronicles of Future Earth with Sarah Newton

Chronicles of Future Earth is a roleplaying game 20 years in the making that I had the honour of watching from the start. And now you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy too! When I met Sarah and she invited me and another work colleague to her home to play Chronicles of Future Earth, I had no idea the level of quality of setting and gaming immersion I would enjoy. We were thrown into an amazing world of lost temples, amazing artefacts and dangerous foes. From the name of the month to the languages and every single location, we travelled...

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Mark Rein-Hagen and Vampire TM V5 controversy

Even before Mark Rein-Hagen re-joined White Wolf to work on the fifth edition of Vampire The Masquerade, the game was plagued with controversy. In the last few months, Mark Rein-Hagen has seen his fair share of vitriol online. Participating in a game that has raised so many issues within the RPG community, being outspoken about political issues of a very sensitive nature and generally just being transgressive have brought up a lot of sourness that has translated into a lot of unpleasant exchanges online. WARNING: This episode of the podcast contains strong language and references to nazi ideology, paedophilia...

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Endless Quest with Matt Forbeck: The RPG Interview Room

Matt Forbeck is the New York Times best seller author who has just published four Endless Quest books based in D&D Forgotten Realms. Matt Forbeck has been writing professionally since 1989 and has a plethora of books on his back. Probably so many he would not be able to carry them all if he had one issue of each on his back for real. Now he has written four Endless Quest books (thus far) and I just had to find out more about them. Endless Quest came out a long time ago and they were a series of books...

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Children of Orion: The Venu Sourcebook

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