Author: Paco G. Jaen

Aegis of Empires Adventure Path Kickstarter interview with Legendary Games

Aegis of Empires Adventure Path is the current project to release an enormous adventure from Legendary Games. It comes in for Pathfinder 1 and 2 and also for Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Please help our channel by subscribing and commenting and support our Patreon Campaign if you can: Check out Aegis of Empires Adventure Path here: I have liked Legendary games for a while now because they produce very good material that we should see in the shores of Europe more often because we are missing out a ton! In this case, they have coordinated 6 writers...

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The Script Change: interview with Brie Beau Sheldon

The script change is a tool developed by Brie Beau Sheldon to help people playing roleplaying games to help create a safer environment around the table, especially when the game involves topics of mature nature. Safety around a table is important for some people and Brie Beau Sheldon has been working at it, not just for RPGs but also for our own culture for a while. In this interview, I talk to him about his work. Playing roleplaying games can be a tricky experience for some people, but with a bit of thought we can make sure everyone has...

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Writing one-shot RPG adventures for this competition with Saga Events

This writing one-shot RPG adventures ompetition has been designed and deployed by the company Saga Events as a mean to get people into moving their RPG writing creative muscles during this COVID19 pandemic that is seeing us in lockdown at home. The idea of this is to have an excuse to put ideas out there, get people to write RPG adventures and share their knowledge, imagination, expertise and love for the hobby. The adventures can be for any game and any system, so whatever tickles your fancy can and indeed is a good one to have a go at....

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Campo de Mitos is a campaign setting for Cthulhu games based in real events and people from El Campo de Gribraltar.

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