What’s going on?

Well… as you might have noticed, G*M*S Magazine hasn’t been the most active for the last year and a bit. Mostly, this has been because my business has taken most of my time and it has been literally impossible for me to get enough time to do anything. Working 12 hours days to launch a business truly takes all your time and energy.

That has changed now and the time has come to turn G*M*S Magazine into a much better site.

Our plans for the very near future are:

  • Revamp the website: We haven’t updated the look and feel of the website for a long, long time now, and it needs it. We want to make it so it has a responsive layout that will fit in your phone and a much more interesting look so you can find all the information very easily.
  • Retake Dice & Slice: I know we have failed on that front and we should have done a lot better. The formula we used for the initial episodes was much too complex to organise and too people-dependent, so things are going to change. The format will be shorter, faster, clearer and more fun and useful.
  • Record more videos, make them more professional: I have spent the last few weeks honing my skills in video editing and compositing. Videos will have more interesting format and formula. We might not do “unboxings” again (to be decided), but we have something else for you that no one is doing (as far as we know) that should prove to be very good fun. More on this very soon!
  • Make more podcasts: The interviews are back, but this time we are not getting into Kickstarter projects anymore. We can cover Kickstarter projects that have funded and delivered – or not- to learn lessons, but we don’t want the channels to become an echo chamber for adverts.
  • Get a studio: We are going to work hard to get our own studio so we can have all the equipment setup and ready to record at the drop of a game. That should help us create more content, better and faster.

To achieve all that we have setup a Patreon campaign.

Please help us if you can. Share if you can’t. We want to increase the rhythm of production, but we desperately need your help for that. Every penny counts. Please take a look at the Patron page and tell us what you think.

Or just tell us what you think, period. We would truly love to hear from you.

Thank you.