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Why I am stepping away from WOTC for a bit.

I have been thinking about this for a long time and how to voice it without sounding angry, condescending or even biased. But also because I didn’t want to give the wrong explanation by accident. I didn’t want to miscommunicate. So here it goes. Yes, it is to do with Mike Mearls at WOTC. Firstly,…
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Music in my rpgs

Music in my early RPGs

Today I was listening to Cinemix at work. For those of you who don’t know, Cinemix is an online radio station that plays soundtracks from movies and some series. All-day. You can get a premium account to get rid of the advertising but it doesn’t have a lot of advertising in any event. Anyway, sometimes…
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flowscape review

Flowscape 1.5 review. Perfect illustration tool for your RPGs

Flowscape 1.5 is a landscape generation software that allows you to create amazing looking images with minimum effort and knowledge for an unbeatable price. I discovered Flowscape recently when it was still on its 1.2 version of the software. It could already do some absolutely amazing stuff and I bought it on sight when I…
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“I made money with my project”

Kinda funny but not funny but funny nevertheless story in as much as it is a facepalm sort of moment. I was in a seminar a few days ago about small publishers. We were five publishers with more or less experience on our stride and all of us with different backgrounds. We have all used…
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You owe me nothing

You don’t owe me anything

To think my readers owe me anything, or my viewers or listeners, is something I just don’t get. Why should you have to do anything for me? There are reasons why I feel it is important for me to say that you owe me nothing. A few days ago, an aspiring YouTube personality in Spain…
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