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Review e-Raptor board game components and product range

Table space can be at a premium sometimes and some boards take *a lot* of space. And so do a lot of the meeples, tiles, cards, pawns, tokens… You get the drift. e-Raptor is a Polish company that is doing its best to put a solution to that sort of problems, and some of their solutions are extremely crafty and satisfying! Focusing on cost-effective components that perform well and are flexible, they have a rather impressive range of products to make the board game table a much more inviting place and easier to keep tidy. From simple to assemble dice towers and boxes, to lavish card holders and some really cool stands to keep all your game pieces in the right place. This video is not an unboxing. This is more a review of what I thought of their products when they reached my table. And I think you’ll want to buy some… You should indeed want to buy some. Maybe all of them! From Poland with Love, e-Raptor has a few neat add-ons for your...

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Video Review – eRaptor Dice Towers Range

I have been very keen on eRaptor since I first laid eyes on their products jus over a year ago and I was very much hoping the company would grow both in size and in range. It seems my hopes are being answered! As well as having a terrific range of games mats to help you keep your gaming table tidy, a great range of ready-for-assembly boxes and some cards holders, they also have some lovely looking dice towers that can be assembled and dismantled in a matter of seconds. True that they are not made to become antiques in the future; instead they are inexpensive and fun complements for your gaming table without any further pretence. And I like that. But enough of my ramblings. Hope you enjoy the video and if you want to buy their products, their website is:   If you have enjoyed this video review, please consider donating a small amount of money to help support this website or simply click the advert below. Every click helps us a great deal! Remember you can follow us on Twitter and Google+! Thank you for your...

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Video Interviews Spiel 2013 Episode 2

By Paco Garcia Jaen The second episode with the interviews from Spiel 2013, this time we’ve packed a bit more in the episode with eight interviews. Behold! Greater than Games: Little I can say about Sentinels of the Multiverse that hasn’t been said already, but that’s not the case with Christopher Badell. As the inventor and designer of the game, he does have a great deal more to say about it, and I was only so happy to listen to him! Fable Smith has been a great surprise this year with Ortus. I interviewed him for the podcast, we reviewed the game for the Boardgame Review Room podcast show and I couldn’t miss the chance to say hello in person to one of the designers with the most interesting background story out there! E-raptor has been another of those discoveries in 2013. They create products you don’t realise you need until you use them. Then you don’t want to be without. Ever! Mage Company has been in my radar for a long time, so I had to pop by and find out how Wrong Chemistry was coming along and how 12 Realms has come to fruition after a very successful Kickstarter campaign! Like a Phoenix that never truly died, Wotan game is coming back from the ashes of an unforgiving past with redoubled resolve and redoubled games. I talked...

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